A.M.J.R's Website


Here you will find miscellaneous topics which might be of interest to someone (links to be added).

A BIT OF POETRY: Like most people, I have had my poetic moments, and the most prolific seem to have been when I was a VSO in Nigeria, several decades ago. I've written about the dry season, mammy wagons, chickens, a toad in a latrine, and other varied subjects. I've included what I think are my best, and you might find some of them to your taste!
THREE BOATS: Carpentry is one my favourite hobbies, also sailing when I am near a lake or sea. While in Central America, I was able to combine both hobbies and designed, built and sailed  three very different small boats. Anyone interested in experimenting might find the designs interesting. Two worked well, one was a bit of a flop.
INVENTIONS: I've had a go at inventing things, and still do, given half the chance. My most satisfying thing is a multipurpose tool handle, which I think beats those expensive Leatherman multitools hands down. You can fit all sorts of standard bits and blades in it, and when they break or blunt, you get new ones at a fraction of the price! There are a few other gadgets, too.
PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: When in Nigeria, I became disillusioned with factual diaries, and vowed to write down ideas, musings, and thoughts instead. Every so often, I get inspired to develop a big idea, such as some of the topics on this site. Here a few small ones that might be of interest.
KITES: There are many designs of kites - this one I consider the best. It is very easy to make from tape and plastic sheet. It will fly in any wind, from light to gale force, you can make it small or huge (6 feet plus), and it is easy to transport. Have a go and relax from work!