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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website! I am Marcus Robbins, a retired tropical forestry specialist, living in Oxford, U.K. with my wife - our four children have flown the nest. The aim of this site is to share professional and personal interests that other people might find interesting and useful. Below is an overview of what you will find.

Use the opening sitemap to go to the pages that interest you. Click on the home icon at the top of this and each page to return to the site map. It reads clockwise at 12 o'clock starting at the Overview branch. You can also click on the icons on the table below. This site is being developed, and availability of further information is given on each opening page.

Professional: I am now retired, but if you think I might be able to give you advice to help you in your own work, in this section you will find a a summary of my career.
Family: I would not have been able to offer the ideas on this website had it not been for the encouragement of my family. Here you'll find some news about them that may be of interest to friends.
Seeds, plants and souls: As a Christian and a forester, I have found Jesus' parables fascinating. Over the years I have explored possible parallels of growth in the natural and spiritual worlds.
Cross-balance: Understanding my own and other people's personalities is a topic I have found fascinating. I've summarised the many theories in graphical form, from both a physical and spiritual perspective.
Whole resources: In my work, I have encountered a range of development theories, sometimes confusing and seemingly different. To clarify matters, I have attempted to synthesise them into one highly visual framework. It could be a useful analytical tool for you.
Mind-mapping: This educational technique has been immensely useful in my work, especially using the MindManager software. I have summarised some of my experiences, examples to look at, and practical suggestions on how to use the software.
Phrase-profiling:  I have always been dismayed at the amount of information there is to read, and interested in any techniques that can help people to understand and remember what they have read. My suggestion is described here. Try it out.
Visualisation:  Finding new, visual ways of presenting information has always been of interest, in particular animation clips that are educational. I've summarised some ideas and given examples, in case others find it of interest.
Forest Myth-conceptions: The debate about tropical forests has generated a lot of conflicting ideas and information. In my work I have had to clarify these. This section highlights a few misconceptions, in non-technical terms.
Study-notes: As I have helped to run training courses and provide advice, I have written  easy-to-read notes to clarify various topics related to forestry in general. You can identify the titles that are of interest and obtain them from me.
Tricks of the trade: During my  forestry work in developing countries, friends and I have learnt lots of small lessons (often nothing to do with trees) that have had a big effect on the success of our work. Some of them might help you.
Must Read: Everyone has their favourite books, websites, etc that they have found particularly interesting or useful. Here are some of mine, mostly related to forestry. Now a bit out-of-date, I'm afraid!
Miscellany: Odds and ends of potential interest that don't fit in anywhere else!