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If you have looked at some of the other pages on this web site, you will realise that I am very interested in ways of presenting information in graphical form.

Unfortunately, on the Internet there are a lot of graphics that are there just for show and donít really provide any useful information.  My interest is in designing graphics that convey useful information as effectively as possible.

In particular, in my work, I have been interested in illustrating forestry extension documents which can be easily read by people of limited literary ability as well as by people of any ability, but who need to understand something as quickly as possible  

In this section you will find a few examples of the graphics that I have produced.  On a CD, I have put all the drawings that I have done for forestry publications, so that they can be freely used in new documents that might require them. They have been included in the resources made available from the FAO Extension study. Please contact me if you would like a copy.

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