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I have been interested in finding easier ways to understand and remember things that I have read. This is because I have always found it difficult to read things - my two sons are dyslexic and have had difficulties at school.

Plenty of graphics and pictures help matters, and  I found mind-mapping an excellent technique for summarising information ( see separate page ). Text in columns, well spaced out, and with plenty of bullet points made reading easier.

However, it seemed that little had been done to make reading and comprehension easier, and a lot of formatting was concerned with the artistic presentation of the text and pictures on a page, and less to do with the content of the text.   Lines were wrapped to make margins straight, irrespective of the meaning of a sentence, and even words were split up.

I decided that there must be a better way of presenting text, and so experimented with different ideas. The technique I call “phrase providing” is what resulted. I am sure it has application in education and in many other activities where knowledge is transferred, and could be of wider use.

A detailed explanation of the technique is given on the following pages, with some examples. You will find that many of the pages on this site have been written using the technique. Try it out and tell me what you think. Do you think it has possibilities? Do you know of other similar ideas elsewhere? Can you think of ways to improve it?   

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