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I met my wife Gilli while I was based in Nicaragua. She was a volunteer nurse, working out in the east of the country. Just as things were becoming interesting, I was transferred to Honduras! I had to do a lot of travelling backwards and forward during our courtship. I eventually proposed to her on the Playas de Peru northern Honduras, and we were married back in England when next on leave. We started our married life back in Honduras, and left after 7-years with 3 of our children - Adrian, Anna and Esther. Then we were in Nepal, and our fourth child, Nicholas, was born in Kathmandu. We always were able to keep together as one family as I worked abroad, and the children went to local schools in Nepal, Belgium, and Barbados. We've been back in Britain for nearly 25 years, and all our children are happily married, and we have six grandchildren at the moment. Our eldest son married a Croatian and lives near to Oxford, and our youngest son married a Swede, and they live in Sweden. As for our two daughters in the middle - one lives in Cambridge and the other lives in Isleworth. Thus we have a delicious sandwich for a family embracing different parts of the world, just as we have lived!


The family coat-of-arms at the top of this page is our own creation, just for fun! Proper heraldry rules have not been followed. The central cross and fish symbol represent our Christian faith at the centre of our lives. Gilli and I are both Pisces. The leaf symbol (forming half the fish), the pine cone and needles represent my profession and seed specialisation in forestry. The central white cross on a red square and four gilliflowers represent Gilli's Swiss origins and our four children.