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As a Christian forester, I have always been interested in Jesusí parables of the natural world. Over the years I have made notes and tried to see what other parallels there were between the physical and spiritual worlds.

My interest was stimulated by a relative of the family, Dr Paul Brand, who was a missionary and a surgeon specialised in leprosy. He wrote several books with Philip Yancey exploring such themes as the spiritual parallels of the human body.

Bit by bit I put my own thoughts down on paper and then on to computer, over some 20 years (converting them from typewriter to DOS Wordstar, to Windows Word, and now Internet HTML!). I tried to publish the original document, which was illustrated with many of my drawings, but did not get very far.

So I thought I would publish them on the web, in the hope that others might get some inspiration from them. You donít have to read them all the way through Ė just find a topic that might interest you. Do tell me what you think. The illustrations will be included later.

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