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When I started working in the European Commission, I was helping to develop policy on tropical forestry. At that time there was a lack of easily obtainable information about the sector. So I decided that policy makers needed some short factsheets to explain what forestry was all about.

I started with simple topics such as “What are tropical forests?” writing enough on each subject to cover no more than four sides of A4 paper. Since EU fonctionnaires had little time to read, I presented the information in bite size paragraphs with keywords wherever possible, and plenty of diagrams.

They were appreciated and played a useful role not only in Brussels, but also in the Caribbean where I later became a regional forestry advisor. When I returned back to England and helped develop and teach training courses, the factsheets found another use for students. Gradually more and more titles were added with the help of colleagues.

In this section you will find the topics and description of the fact sheets now called study notes that I have produced along with colleagues. Some have been translated into French and Spanish. If you want to receive copies, pleases contact me. They are available on a CD, and I may be able to create access on this site.

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