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NOTE: this study now has its own website: www.octaikon.co.uk where you will find latest developments.

My career in forestry spanned a time during which there was an increasing emphasis on putting people first. Techniques of management, participation, and community involvement had to be learnt as well as silviculture and soil science.

I found this greater emphasis interesting, particularly the aspect of understanding personalities and people’s strengths and weaknesses in an effort to improve collaboration and team working.

I discovered that there are lot of theories about what makes people tick. As I tried to understand them, it seemed that they were all variations on the same theme. It also seemed that few of them took account of the spiritual dimension of the human character.

I therefore tried to summarise the theories, see how they linked together, and see what could be their application to the ethical, spiritual side of life.  The result is a series of  graphical notes divided into secular and Christian viewpoints,  which have helped me to understand myself and other people. Maybe you will find them interesting. Tell me what you think.

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