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I have worked mainly in overseas forestry development projects.  A key aspect of such development work has been its sustainability. It has been interesting to follow the many theories of what constitutes sustainable development.

At the same time I was working in the Natural Resources Institute, colleagues there were developing information “toolboxes”, which made use of many of these theories. So I began to learn and understand how these could be applied in practice.    

At times these different theories or tools seemed new and different,  not always easily understandable, with a lot of jargon. In an effort to make them more comprehensible, I looked at them and came to the conclusion they were all saying the same thing, with each showing part of the whole picture.

So I tried to put all the ideas together, simplify the jargon, and develop a framework that would cover all aspects of sustainable development, in the form of a practical multiple-use tool. The result is what I call “whole resources”, partly because it covers not only physical resources, but also spiritual resources.

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